Schools Holidays: Know when will be the school holidays in the month of December, see dates

Schools Holidays: Know when will be the school holidays in the month of December, see dates

School Holidays in December 2023: The last month of the year, December, has started. In the month of November, there were holidays in schools and other educational institutions due to many festivals. In such a situation, let us know when school holidays are going to fall in the month of December. Let us tell you, in India, holidays vary according to different states and school boards. Students are advised to stay in touch with their respective schools for accurate information regarding these holidays.

Check holiday dates here

December 24, 2023: Christmas Eve
December 25, 2023: Christmas
December 31, 2023: New Year's Eve

Note: It is important to note that some holidays are given in many states due to regional or cultural significance. Please contact your school regarding this.

Apart from these three main holidays, there are also five Sundays in December 2023. These are the dates.

3 December (Sunday)
10 December (Sunday)
17 December (Sunday)
24 December (Sunday)
31 December (Sunday)

Along with this, let us tell you that in many schools the second Saturday of the month is also a holiday or it is a half day.

Let us tell you, most of the Hindu festivals fall in the month of October-November, hence there is no special festival of Hindus in the month of December. Still this month is known as winter vacation. Winter has started. Many schools may give students winter vacation around Christmas. There are no government rules for winter vacation. Full authority to decide this has been given to the school administration. However, this applies only to private schools. If winter vacation is given in government schools, it will be informed by the Education Department. Just like schools are closed when it is too hot or rainy, similarly schools can be closed when it is too cold. This information is released by the government. After which the school administration informs the parents of the students.

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