Know here about the rank based salary of Lieutenant and Captain in the Indian Army, see the complete structure.

Know here about the rank based salary of Lieutenant and Captain in the Indian Army, see the complete structure.

It is a matter of great pride to join the Indian Army. If today we are feeling safe in our homes, then the entire credit goes to the soldiers of the Indian Army. Today we will know how much salary is given in the Indian Army from Lieutenant to Chief and what is the salary structure.

First of all, let us tell you that the salary of Indian Army personnel is decided according to their rank. Various types of benefits and facilities are given along with salary. The introduction of the 7th Pay Commission has further simplified the process of salary for soldiers in the Indian Army. Along with this, after the arrival of the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of various officers included in the Indian Army at various levels has also been revised. See the Sally structure here.


Salary for the post of Lieutenant is given under the 10th Pay Commission. In which the basic salary ranges from Rs 56,100 to Rs 1,77,500. This is without any allowance.


Under the 10th Pay Commission, the salary is between Rs 61,300 to Rs 1,93,900, excluding allowances.

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel is paid on the basis of pay level 12A. In which the minimum salary without allowance ranges from Rs 1,21,200 to Rs 2,12,400.


Salary for the post of Colonel is given on the basis of pay level 13th. Excluding allowance, salary ranges from Rs 1,30,600 to Rs 2,15,900.


Based on pay level 13A, a Brigadier gets a minimum salary of Rs 1,39,600 to Rs 2,17,600 without allowances.

Major General

Major General falls under pay level 14, with a minimum pay of Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200 without allowances.

Lieutenant General HAG Scale

The salary of Lieutenant General HAG scale is given on the basis of pay level 15, in which the minimum pay without allowance is given in the range of Rs 1,82,200 to Rs 2,24,100.

Lieutenant General HAG+ scale

The salary is paid in Lieutenant General HAG+scale, Pay Level 16, with minimum pay starting from Rs 2,05,400 to Rs 2,24,400 without allowances.

VCOAS/Army Commander/Lieutenant General (NEGS)

VCOAS/Army Commanders/Lieutenant Generals (NEGS) are in pay level 17, with a fixed pay of Rs 2,25,000 without allowances.

army chief staff

The Army Chief Staff, posted at pay level 18 in the pay matrix, gets a fixed salary without allowances, which is fixed at Rs 2,50,000.

This is the basic salary after passing UPSC NDA, see the complete structure

Candidates applying for NDA exam to join Indian Army, Navy and Air Force through National Defense Academy and Naval Academy (NDA NA) exam are given a good salary and good allowance. Let us tell you, under the 10th Pay Commission, NDA is given a good salary, the salary keeps increasing after promotion.

The candidates who have been selected undergo training. After which they are sent to their respective wing academies. Let us tell you, during training, candidates joining NDA are given Rs 56,100 every month.

Then after completion of the course, the candidates joining NDA are appointed to the post of Lieutenant. After which their initial salary under Level 10 will be from Rs 56,100 to Rs 1,77,500.

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