Indian Army Recruitment: Can candidates be rejected due to dirty teeth?

Indian Army Recruitment: Can candidates be rejected due to dirty teeth?

It is a matter of pride to join the Indian Army. There are many rules for participating in it. Which is followed very strictly. To join the Indian Army, candidates will have to clear written examination, physical test and medical test. Which has its own separate rules.

Along with this, candidates often remain confused as to whether they can't get recruited in the Indian Army just because of their dirty teeth. Can a person be declared ineligible to join the Indian Army just because of dirty teeth, despite being medically and physically fit? Let us know about this in detail.

Dental examination is conducted for the candidates during the recruitment process of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. On the basis of which the teeth of the candidates are checked whether they are healthy or not. Let us tell you, it is mandatory for all the candidates to appear in this examination before recruitment.

In this examination, candidates are given dental points. This examination has its own rules, which every candidate has to follow.

How are dental points calculated?

First of all, let us tell the candidates that there are four types of teeth in the human body. Points have been decided on the basis of dental examination.

(1) Incisor – 1 point
(2) Canine – 2 points
(3) Premolar 4 points
(4) Molar -2 points

Let us tell you, incisors are the front teeth which are used to bite food. Let us tell you, there are eight of them, four at the top, four at the bottom. Whereas humans chew food with the help of molar teeth. Let us tell you, these dental points are determined according to the health of the candidates.

So many dental points required to pass

It is mandatory for the candidates to obtain at least 14 dental points out of 22 during the dental examination. Let us tell you, if during this examination there is any candidate who has artificial teeth, then in this situation he will be considered ineligible. Also, if the third molar of the candidate is not well developed, only one point will be given. Let us tell the candidates that it is completely wrong to disqualify any candidate just because of dirty teeth.

Why are strong and healthy teeth important in the Indian Army?

Candidates selected in Indian Army must have strong and healthy teeth. This is because proper digestion of food will happen only when it is chewed properly. Food is chewed properly only when teeth are healthy. In such a situation, a soldier will be able to perform his duty easily and without any hassle.

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