Chances of getting selected in UPSC interview will increase, just keep these things in mind

Chances of getting selected in UPSC interview will increase, just keep these things in mind

UPSC Interview Tips: To reach UPSC interview round, candidates have to clear Prelims and Mains examination. Which is also called personality test. This is an important stage of UPSC. Where personality, knowledge and decision making abilities are evaluated. Let us know about those things, with the help of which you will be able to clear the interview.

adopt correct sitting posture

Your sitting position plays an important role in how you appear in the interview round. If you are sitting crooked or with your back bent, it can affect your interview. Therefore, whenever you sit on a chair, make sure that your back touches the corner of the chair. If you sit properly you will feel confident.

Pay attention to body language

IAS Tanu Jain said- As soon as a candidate enters the interview room, his judgment starts from there. The board panel wants to see whether the candidate is eligible for services like IAS, IPS or not. In such a situation, special attention is paid to body language. Candidates are advised, whenever a question is asked, not to explain the topic by waving hands in the air while answering. While sitting on a chair in the room, hold your tie with one hand and try not to let your tie touch the chair or table. Candidates should go in front of the panelist in the interview room with full confidence.

Be careful while entering and exiting the interview room

When you go to the interview room, ask the board member for permission before entering the room, then greet them and then ask for permission to sit. Similarly, after the interview is over, thank each member individually while leaving. Keep your hands off the table and don’t pick up your watch or other items in a hurry.

wear clothes wisely

UPSC Interview is a formal process, in which the personality of the candidates is assessed by the board panel. In such a situation, on the day of the interview, candidates remain in tension as to what and how they have to wear and whether the clothes they are wearing are comfortable with them. Let us tell you that boys should wear this combination of coat, paint shirt and tie. While wearing clothes, keep in mind whether it is formal or not and the color of the clothes is not too flashy. Along with this, when wearing a tie, the top button should be closed. However, if you choose to wear a blazer, unbutton it while sitting and button it when standing.

If girls feel like it, they can also wear a suit. Girls should choose the clothes in which they are comfortable, either suit or saree. She can pleat them properly to avoid wrinkles and discomfort while wearing a saree or dupatta. Along with this, do not wear too much jewellery.

Answer questions politely

Maintain a polite and courteous tone when answering questions. If you do not know the answer to any question during the interview, then do not say “No” directly. Sorry sir, I don’t know about this question right now or I am not able to think about it.

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