Year Ender 2023: Dalal Street is full of IPOs, 47 mainboard and 141 SMEs made profits by giving IPOs.

Year Ender 2023: Dalal Street is full of IPOs, 47 mainboard and 141 SMEs made profits by giving IPOs.

Flashback 2023: The year 2023 will be remembered for the abundance of IPOs on Dalal Street. The IPOs of companies got full support from investors and billions of rupees were worth it. Investors also got a lot of benefits. This year, 57 mainboard IPOs were launched on BSE and NSE and 182 SME IPOs were also launched. Positive changes were also seen in the reasons for companies bringing IPO. About 65 IPO proposals lying with SEBI will keep the market buzzing next year also. 

57 mainboard and 182 SME IPOs came 

Out of 57 mainboard IPOs this year, 53 were listed in profit. According to, out of these, 3 were listed in loss and one was listed flat. By the end of the listing day, 47 IPOs made profits and 9 made losses. At the same time, out of 182 SME IPOs, 133 were listed in profit and 38 were listed below the price band. However, by the end of the day, 141 SME IPOs ended with gains and 30 failed to come up.  

The maximum amount of Rs 1.18 lakh crore was raised in 2021

In the year 2023, companies collected Rs 49351 crore from the primary market through IPO. But, this amount is less than the money raised through IPO in 2022. The maximum of Rs 1.18 lakh crore was raised in 2021. Less amount was collected than last year. But, the total number of IPOs has increased. 

1341 companies were listed on the exchange in 1995

This year 57 companies were listed on the exchange. This figure is 40 percent more than last year. However, the figure is not even close to that of 1995. In the year 1995, 1341 companies were listed on the exchange. 

Most of the amount was collected as fresh capital 

This year companies listed in the market with different objectives. About 42 percent of the amount i.e. Rs 20,648 crore was collected as fresh capital. Companies will use this money for their development. Last year, Rs 17,659 crore was collected under this head. Private equity players collected Rs 7783 crore through IPO this year. Concord Biotech, RR Cable and Honasa Consumer were the leaders in this. 

Motisons wins in subscription and Tata Tech wins in listing gain 

This year Motisons Jewelers got the maximum subscription of 160 times. Tata Technologies has given the highest listing gain of 140 percent. IREDA's stock has given the highest returns among listed companies this year. Investors have so far received 230 percent returns from it. The most disappointing company this year was IRM Energy. Its stocks are down 8 percent.

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