Wedding Season: Wedding season has started, if you buy gold like this then you will not have to regret later.

Wedding Season: Wedding season has started, if you buy gold like this then you will not have to regret later.

Gold Buying Tips: After Diwali, marriages start in India with Devuthani Ekadashi, which continues till April. According to an estimate, this season there will be about 40 lakh marriages across the country and a lot of gold will be sold. Gold is an important part of weddings. We Indians are known all over the world for our love for this yellow metal. Therefore, weddings cannot be imagined without gold. If you have also decided to buy gold jewelery this wedding season, then you will have to go to the market with full preparation so that you can get good gold jewelery at the best rate. 

How is the purity of gold determined

The purity of gold is measured in carats. The purest gold is 24 carat. However, gold is a malleable metal. Therefore jewelery cannot be made from 24 carat gold. 22 carat gold is mostly used in making jewellery. Apart from this, people also use 20, 18 and 14 carat gold. Carat plays the most important role in determining the rate of gold. The more carat gold jewelery you make, the more the price will increase. 

It is very important to pay attention to the price of gold 

On Sunday, December 3, the price of one tola (10 grams) of 24 carat gold is Rs 63760. At the same time, the same price for 22 carat is Rs 58450 and the rate for 18 carat is Rs 47820 per 10 grams. From this it can be clearly understood that just by changing the carat, the price of gold falls. Therefore, you should pay attention to what the rate is on the day you are buying jewellery. The price of gold fluctuates daily, which can cost you dearly. Also note that you do not have to pay 24 carat rate for 22 carat jewellery. 

This is how the rate of jewelery is calculated 

Many factors play a role in deciding the rate of jewellery. Jewelers first calculate the weight of the jewellery. Then after adding the gold rate, making charge and GST on it, we tell you the final price. 3 percent GST is applicable on jewellery. Your caution here can save a lot of money. Because, the making charges of every jeweler are different. At some places, making charges are not taken under the offer. However, you should get the rates from at least two-three jewelers and evaluate them.

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