WEB-3 Internet: New Internet Web-3 is coming, will create 20 lakh jobs with high salaries.

WEB-3 Internet: New Internet Web-3 is coming, will create 20 lakh jobs with high salaries.

WEB-3 Internet: Internet is no less than a miracle for the new generation. It has brought radical changes in the lives of people. Tasks that take minutes are now done in a few seconds. Also, with the help of internet, lakhs of youth are climbing the ladder of progress by getting good employment. Now the next phase of Internet Web-3 is coming. This will not only change the world of technology but will also create more than 20 lakh new jobs in India. The sluggish IT sector will get a huge boost from this. In a recently released report, it is expected that with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Metaverse on the basis of Web-3, a business worth 200 billion dollars will be generated in India. 

20 lakh jobs will be provided in 10 years 

According to the report, the new version of Internet Web-3 will be based on decentralized block chain technology. This new Internet has the potential to create about 20 lakh high salary jobs in the country within the next 10 years. According to an estimate, about 900 small and big companies are working in the Web-3 sector in India. Their share in global Web-3 development in the year 2022 was about 11 percent. Due to this, the third largest pool of Web-3 developers in the world is ready in the country. Besides, new people will also easily get jobs at junior level in this sector. 

Web-3 will impact these sectors 

Web-3 version of Internet will have a direct impact on supply chain management, healthcare, IT, education and identity card sectors. There will be rapid changes in these sectors and their face will change. Suitable opportunities for its spread are already available in India. Therefore, its impact will be clearly visible in the rapidly growing IT and service sector. Since, already existing internet infrastructure has been used to create it. Therefore Web-3 can be introduced easily. Also, it will not create competition for Web-2.  

What is Web-3 Internet 

Web-3 is also called Web 3.0. This is the next phase of the internet world. Decentralized technology has been used in this. Cryptocurrency, NFT and Metaverse are also examples of this. Internet Web-3 is also being used in machine learning and AI.

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