Water Purifier: People's expenditure on water purifiers will reduce, government gave these instructions to companies

Water Purifier: People's expenditure on water purifiers will reduce, government gave these instructions to companies

The falling level of underground water and deteriorating quality is creating a crisis of drinking water in many places. The problem of drinking water is in serious condition in many areas of the country. Even metropolitan cities like Delhi and Bengaluru are facing water crisis. In such a situation, it is a compulsion for people to install water purifier in their homes.

The government has paid attention to the problem

If you are also planning to install a water purifier in your home or have already If you are using it, then there is a good news for you. Now the expenditure on water purifier is going to reduce. The government has given clear instructions to water purifier companies in this regard, which will prove helpful in reducing people's expenses.

Meeting with companies of these 4 sectors

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution issued an official statement in this regard on Friday, March 8. It was told in the statement that the Ministry held a meeting with companies of 4 sectors – Automobile, Consumer Durables, Mobile and Electronics and Farming Equipments. In the meeting, companies from all four sectors were instructed to provide proper information about their products, service centers and warranty conditions, keeping in mind the interests of consumers.

Water purifier companies should Instructions

The ministry gave special instructions to water purifier companies. In fact, in the case of water purifier, once it is installed, consumers have to keep spending continuously at intervals of a few months. This expense is incurred due to continuous replacement of candles i.e. filters of the water purifier. Many times it is seen that the old filter is still in good working condition, but companies insist on changing it. The government has paid attention to this.

Work will have to be done according to the area

The government has asked the water purifier companies to inform the customers about the candles/filters in advance. Give all the information. Companies will have to tell how long their filters can actually work well. The age of the filter depends on different conditions in different areas. If the quality of water in an area is very poor, the life of the filter will be less, whereas if there is a minor defect in the quality, the filter can work for a longer time. In such a situation, companies have been asked to indicate the age of the filters according to the area.

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