Train Ticket Booking: If you are not getting Tatkal ticket in the train, then try this easy trick while booking, you will get confirmed seat in minutes!

Railway Ticket Booking: Railway is considered an important part of the life of common people. Every day crores of passengers travel by train. In such a situation, it is considered the lifeline of the lives of common people. During festivals, the crowd in trains increases manifold. Holi festival (Holi 2023) is about to come. In such a situation, people are not getting quick confirmed tickets (Trick to Book Confirm Ticket in Train) to go home and come. In such a situation, people resort to Tatkal tickets, but due to overcrowding, even that is not available. In such a situation, you can easily get a confirmed ticket by adopting an easy trick. The trick is ticket booking through IRCTC Master List.

What is a master list?

IRCTC (IRCTC) allows passengers to create a master list. The question is arising in your mind that what is this master list, then let us tell you that you should prepare a master list before taking the name, age and other details of those passengers. After this, instead of filling Passengers Details while booking, you can quickly add details of passengers from this master list. This saves your booking time and increases your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. This list is prepared by going to the profile section of IRCTC. Let us know how to prepare and use a master list.

How to prepare master list-

  • For this first open the IRCTC app.
  • Then go to My Master List by selecting My Account option.
  • If you have not created any master list then you No record will be displayed. Click on OK on this.
  • After this click on Add Passengers.
  • After this you fill the details of all the passengers like name, age.
  • Then save it.

How to use master list while booking tickets-

  • Click on Plan My Journey while booking ticket.
  • Then select station and date.
  • Then go to Go to Passenger Details.
  • < li>Then fill the details of the passengers from the master list by going to the option of Add Passengers.

  • After this make the payment and your ticket booking will be done in few minutes.
  • Master Due to the list, your ticket booking time will be reduced and you will have more chances of getting confirmed tickets while booking tatkal tickets.

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