Toll Revenue: Daily earnings from toll, this estimate for the next financial year, these changes happening

Toll Collection: Along with the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, the toll revenue collection is also increasing day by day. Due to this, the revenue of Toll Road Operators is also increasing rapidly. According to a recent report, the earnings of toll road operators may increase by 16 to 18 percent during the current financial year ending in a few days. On the other hand, there are going to be some changes related to toll and toll collection soon. released a report in According to the report, the revenue of toll operators can increase at the rate of 16 to 18 percent in the current financial year. However, in the next financial year, its pace may slow down to 9 to 11 percent. Crisil says that due to the increase in toll rates due to inflation and increased traffic on national highways, there is a significant increase in toll collection during the current financial year. At the same time, there is a possibility of a decrease in the toll collection in the next financial year due to the low inflation rate.

This will increase the traffic

CRISIL has analyzed the performance of 49 toll roads in 14 states. This report has been prepared after analyzing According to the agency, due to increase in toll collection, the balance sheet of toll operator companies will improve and their liquidity will improve. A good growth of 5-7 per cent in traffic is also expected during the current financial year, which may be 4-6 per cent in the next financial year.

Travel will become costlier from April 01

On the other hand there is bad news for those traveling from Pune to Mumbai. According to a PTI news, traveling on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will become costlier from April 1. Toll rates on this expressway are going to increase by 18 percent from April 01. Officials of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation have given this information. Officials say that toll rates increase at the rate of 6 percent annually and it is being increased by 18 percent every three years. He told that the new rates are going to be applicable till 2030, as there will be no change in them in 2026. For vehicles like this, the toll will now increase to Rs 320, which is Rs 270 now. Similarly, for mini bus and tempo it will increase from Rs 420 to Rs 495. Two axle trucks will now have to pay Rs 685 instead of Rs 585, while buses will cost Rs 940 instead of Rs 797. Three-axle trucks will be charged Rs 1,630 instead of Rs 1,380, while multi-axle trucks and machinery vehicles will have to pay Rs 2,165 instead of Rs 1,835.

NHAI’s revenue could increase by this much

A big change is going to happen soon regarding toll collection. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had recently told that the government is considering new technology to replace the existing toll plaza. Any new toll collection technology including GPS-Based Toll Collection System will replace the existing toll plazas in the next six months. He told that at present NHAI is getting revenue of around Rs 40 thousand crore from toll collection, which can increase manifold to reach Rs 1.40 lakh crore in the next two-three years.

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