Toll: NHAI preparing to increase toll tax on Expressway and National Highway, know from when and how much toll will increase

NHAI: The government is once again preparing to inflict inflationary shocks and this time driving on the roads is going to be more expensive. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the National Highway Authority of India is preparing to increase the toll tax on expressways and national highways. Under this, from April 1, NHAI can increase toll rates by 5 to 10 percent. That means driving on the roads of your national highways and expressways is going to be expensive.

How much toll tax can increase

It may be noted that at present, toll tax is being collected on the expressway at the rate of Rs 2.19 per kilometer. It will now be increased by 10 percent. 

By March 25, proposal of revised toll rates will be sent from all PIUs. These are likely to be implemented from April 1 after the approval of the Ministry of Road and Transport. 

Toll rates for cars and light vehicles will be increased by 5 percent, toll tax for heavy vehicles may increase by 10 percent.

Toll rates will increase on National Highways and Expressways

Toll rates on Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Meerut-Delhi Expressway to Yamuna Expressway are going to increase and from April 1, more money will have to be spent to travel on these luxurious highways. 

The movement of vehicles on the expressway is increasing continuously

It may be noted that at present about 20 thousand vehicles are plying daily on the expressway. The number of vehicles moving on the expressway is increasing day by day. According to an estimate, in the coming time, about 50 to 60 thousand vehicles will start passing on the expressway daily.

People are facing all-round inflation 

People are facing all-round inflation and recently on March 1, there has been a big increase in the price of commercial and domestic LPG cylinders. The price of domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rs 50 per cylinder and the price of commercial gas cylinder has been increased by a whopping Rs 350.50.

With inputs from IANS

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