UAN-Aadhar Linking: Link to UAN, Aadhar by November 30 .. or no money will be credited

Your EPF & zwnj; Universal & zwnj; Account & zwnj; Number & zwnj; Aadhaar & zwnj; Haven’t connected the card yet? But you’re in trouble! November & zwnj; Link Aadhaar with UAN within 30 & zwnj; The government has issued orders to do so. Otherwise the company will stop depositing the amount in your account. In addition, they lose the opportunity to withdraw money from the PF as needed. In addition, all services provided by the EPF will be discontinued.

Do this

  • First the EPF & zwnj; wo web portal & zwnj; Login to & zwnj; Must be.
  • Log in to your account with your UAN & zwnj ;, password & zwnj; Become.
  • Manage & zwnj; Click on the KYC option in the section. Do.
  • Open the page & zwnj; As soon as your EPF & zwnj; is linked to other services & zwnj; Options appear.
  • Aadhaar & zwnj; Option & zwnj; Select Aadhaar & zwnj; Number & zwnj; Type & zwnj; Do. Add your name and save & zwnj; Hit.
  • All your embedded information will be saved. UIDAI verifies with the data. Will be.
  • Your Aadhaar verify information will appear in front of you.

UAN & zwnj; Uses He has a 12-digit UAN & zwnj; (Universal Account Number). With this number you will be able to avail all the services of EPF & zwnj; PF & zwnj; It is useful to look at the account and the account book online. Nominee can register.

EPF & zwnj; Did you know!

It is well known that 12% of an employee’s base salary and 12% of an employer’s credit to an EPF & zwnj; Wo account. 3.67 per cent PF & zwnj; If credited to the account, the remaining 8.33% will go into the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS).

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