Ticket Cancellation Rules: What are the rules on cancellation of flight and train tickets, how, when and how much is the refund – know

Ticket Cancellation Rules: What are the rules on cancellation of flight and train tickets, how, when and how much is the refund – know

Train and Flight Ticket Cancellation Rules: Everyone wants to travel by train and flight. Every day crores of Indians use them to go from one place to another. Therefore, all of you should know how to book a train or flight ticket. Apart from this, it is also important for you to know what you get back from railway and airline companies in case of ticket cancellation. There are many terms and conditions related to ticket refund. Let's take a look at all these one by one. 

What happens when a flight is cancelled 

According to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), if the flight is canceled due to any reason, the airline will have to give you two options. Either they will arrange another flight for you or you will have to refund your entire money. 

What happens if you cancel the ticket 

However, if you cancel the ticket then the rules change. If you cancel your ticket within 3 days of departure of the flight, you will have to pay Rs 3500 or airfare charge. If you cancel this ticket before 3 days, a charge of Rs 3000 will be deducted. However, if the ticket is canceled 7 days in advance, the full amount is refunded. All these conditions apply to domestic flights.

What if the airline downgrades or cancels

According to DGCA rules, if an airline downgrades a passenger's ticket, cancels it without informing him or denies boarding, then he will have to refund 30 to 75 percent of the ticket amount. On domestic flights, 30 percent of the ticket and tax will have to be refunded. International passengers will have to pay refund and tax ranging from 30 percent to 75 percent depending on the km. 

Rule before preparation of railway chart

If you cancel the ticket 48 hours before the preparation of railway chart, then Rs 240 for First/Executive Class, Rs 200 for AC 2 Tier/First Class, Rs 180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair Car/AC 3 Economy. There is a cancellation charge of Rs 120 for sleeper and Rs 80 for second class. If you cancel the ticket 12 hours before departure, then in such a situation your cancellation charge becomes 25 percent of the fare. If for any reason the train ticket is canceled less than 12 hours and before 4 hours, then 50 percent charge will be deducted.

Railway rules regarding Tatkal ticket < /strong>

If you cancel your confirmed Tatkal ticket, you will not get a refund. If the Tatkal ticket is in the waiting list then some charge will be deducted on it. After chart preparation, if the ticket is in RAC or waiting list, then if you cancel your ticket 30 minutes before the departure time of the train, there will be a deduction of Rs 60 in sleeper class and Rs 65 in AC. If the ticket is confirmed then you will have to take special care of the cancellation timing. If the ticket is not canceled 4 hours before the departure time of the train, then refund will not be given.

Refund rules of e-ticket and counter ticket

< p>According to IRCTC, you can cancel e-tickets booked online. Refund will be credited to your account after deducting the cancellation charge. If you cancel the ticket by going to the PRS counter, you will get the refund from there itself.

What if it is a party or family ticket

If you have a family or party e-ticket and some seats are confirmed and the rest are waiting list or RAC. In this situation, if you do not want to travel, you will also get a refund of the confirmed tickets. 

If the train is cancelled

If the train is cancelled, the full amount of e-ticket fare will be credited to the account. If you have a counter ticket, you can get your refund from the PRS counter. However, you must cancel the ticket from any counter within 72 hours of the scheduled departure of the train.

What to do if the train is diverted

< p>If your train has been diverted from its route and you do not wish to travel, you can get a full refund of the fare. For this, you will have to go to the station and file TDR within 72 hours of the departure time of the train.

If the train is running late by more than 3 hours

If the train arrives at your boarding station late by 3 hours or more than its scheduled time, you may get a full refund of your e-ticket. But make sure to file TDR online before the actual departure time of the train to ensure full refund. Passengers with counter tickets can hand over the ticket to the railway authorities at the station from where your journey was to commence and get a full refund from the counter.

In case of non-availability of seat in 

If you have a reserved ticket and the railway administration fails to provide you a seat/berth, you are entitled to a full refund without deducting any cancellation/clerkage charges. To get a refund, you must surrender the ticket within 3 hours of the actual departure of the train.

Rules for unreserved tickets

If you have an unreserved ticket and wish to cancel it, you can present the ticket to the Station Master within 3 hours of ticket issue and get a refund subject to clerical charge of Rs 30 per passenger. If your unreserved ticket is issued in advance, you can get a refund by presenting it to the Station Master up to 24 hours before the date of journey.

AC Failure What will happen if it happens

If you are traveling in an AC coach and Indian Railways fails to provide you AC facility for a part of your journey, you will get a refund for that specific part of the journey.

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