Swiggy Update: Biryani becomes the most ordered dish on Swiggy for the 8th consecutive year, Gulab Jamun leaves Rasgulla behind!

Swiggy Update: Biryani becomes the most ordered dish on Swiggy for the 8th consecutive year, Gulab Jamun leaves Rasgulla behind!

Swiggy In 2023: You will be surprised to know that On January 1, the first day of the year 2023, 4.3 lakh biryani were ordered on online food delivery app Swiggy while 83.5 lakh noodles were ordered. On November 19, 2023, the day of the World Final match played between India and Australia, 188 pizzas were ordered on Swiggy every minute in the country. Swiggy has released a data regarding the trend of food ordered by users on its app in 2023, which has revealed this information.  

Mumbai user orders food worth Rs 42.3 lakh 

A user from Mumbai has ordered food worth Rs 42.3 lakh on the Swiggy app between January 1 and November 23. So most of the orders were placed from user accounts of Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. On an average, more than 10,000 food delivery orders were placed on the Swiggy app from some user accounts in these cities. Swiggy said that even small cities are not lagging behind in ordering food online. A total of 269 food items were ordered to be delivered simultaneously in Jhansi. In Bhubaneswar, 207 pizzas were ordered in a house in a single day and this was when there was no pizza party in that house. 

Jamun is the favorite sweet dish, not Rasgulla! 

Indians are now liking Gulab Jamun more than Rasgulla. During Durga Puja, 77 lakh orders for Gulab Jamun delivery were placed. Apart from Gulab Jamun, Masala Dosa for nine days was the most favorite veg order during Navratri. A user from Hyderabad spent Rs 6 lakh on ordering idli in 2023. An order of 8.5 million chocolate cakes was placed in Bengaluru, after which it got the title of Cake Capital. In 2023, on Valentine's Day, February 14, orders for 271 cakes were placed every minute. A user from Nagpur ordered 72 cakes in a single day.    

Highest order of biryani 

According to Swiggy, Biryani is the most ordered dish for the 8th consecutive year. In 2023, orders for 2.5 biryani were placed every second, out of which one veg biryani was ordered for every 5.5 chicken biryani. 24.9 lakh users logged in to Swiggy for the first time with the order of biryani. Every sixth biryani was ordered in Hyderabad and a user from this city has ordered a total of 1633 biryani in 2023. A family in Chandigarh ordered 70 plates of biryani during the India-Pakistan World Cup match. During this match, Swiggy received orders to deliver 250 biryani every minute. 

Amazing delivery partners 

Swiggy said that its delivery partners have covered a distance of 166.42 million kilometers to deliver food through electric vehicles and cycles. Venkatesan of Chennai has delivered 10,360 orders and Santhini of Kochi has delivered 6253 orders. Ramjeet Singh of Gurugram has delivered 9925 orders and Pardeep Kaur has delivered 4664 orders in Ludhiana.    

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