Stock Market update: Red markets ..! Sensex down 1687, Nifty 509, Bank Nifty down 1,339 points

Stock & zwnj; Markets are red ..! The investor is on the verge of losses. He was devastated by the fall in the value of lakhs of crores of rupees earlier. Overall this week has been on a losing streak. Friday’s fall compared to Monday has frightened investors. Benchmark & ​​zwnj; Mark & ​​zwnj ;, Sectoral & zwnj; All indices lost more than three percent. Sensex & zwnj; 1687, the Nifty fell 509 points.

  • The BSE Sensex closed at 58,795 the previous day. It started at 58,795 on Friday. The new Corona variant will be launched soon. Suu Kyi looked at the ground at once as fear gripped her. It touched an intraday low of 56,993. The Nifty ended with a loss of 1687 points at 57,107. Hit an intraday low at 16,985. The stock finally lost 509 points to close at 17,026.
  • The Bank Nifty was further volatile. 3.58 per cent loss. The index, which started at 36,830 in the morning, touched an intraday low of 35,904. The Nifty ended 1,339 points lower at 36,025. Cipla rose 7.23 percent. Dr. & zwnj; Reddy’s & zwnj ;, Divis & zwnj; Lab & zwnj ;, NestleIndia benefited. & nbsp; JS & zwnj; WSteel & zwnj ;, Tata Motors & zwnj ;, Hindalco, Adani Ports, Indus & zwnj; Bank & zwnj; Six to seven percent lost.

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