Stock Market Crash: Fear .. Fear ..! 100 corona cases .. Rs 6.5 lakh crore steam!

This is what fear is all about! Negative & zwnj; Sentiment & zwnj; That’s it! This is what it means for a news story to cause a loss of millions of rupees!

Stock & zwnj; Investors’ wealth worth Rs 6.5 lakh melted in a single day as the markets fell again. Corona new variant in South Africa & zwnj; The market & zwnj; The factions say. B.1.1.529 There are not a few cases worldwide that have been identified as variants. Not registered except in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong. New variant & zwnj; Markets fell after the central government told them to be vigilant.

The bench bench in the afternoon & zwnj; All indices fell more than two percent. Sensex & zwnj; The Nifty was down 1212 points at 57,584, the Nifty was down 362 points at 17,173 and the Bank Nifty was down 1000 points at 36,370. Already US & zwnj; Federal & zwnj; Indian markets rallied on rising reserve interest rates, a reversal of foreign investment and a rise in inflation. The latest variant & zwnj; With the news came further collapse. BS & zwnj; this market & zwnj; which is considered as a wealth of investors. The value of Rs 6.55 lakh crore evaporated. Total value increased from Rs 265.66 lakh crore to Rs 259.11 lakh crore.

Negative in markets & zwnj; Experts say sentiment is surrounded by fears. He said the new variant is expected to impose lockdowns in many countries around the world. They state that the Anta markets are generally subject to at least 15 per cent correction. It is suggested that you take advantage of this opportunity presented. Market & zwnj; A huge amount of fundamentals & zwnj; Revealing that buying strong stocks brings good returns.

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