Steve Job's Cheque: Check of Rs 300 and earning of Rs 30 lakh! This connection with Steve Jobs made it priceless

Steve Job's Cheque: Check of Rs 300 and earning of Rs 30 lakh!  This connection with Steve Jobs made it priceless

If you go to the bank, you must have definitely done the transaction through cheque. Generally it happens that whatever amount you give a cheque, you get the same amount in return. Meaning the value of the check is equal to the amount written on it. However, this does not happen every time. Many times the value of a check becomes many times more than the amount written on it. At least this is what happened in this one case.

The auctioned check is from the year 1976

This is a case of an auction and the auctioned check has a direct connection with Steve Jobs. with. This check belongs to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, which he wrote in 1976. This check is only for 4 dollars i.e. about 300 rupees. There is Steve Jobs' signature on this cheque. According to a news from Guardian, in a recent auction this check got a bid of 36 thousand dollars i.e. about Rs 30 lakh.

This is not the first such case

Report According to , the auction check was issued in the name of electronics retailer Radia Shack. The check was auctioned at RR Auction in Boston. The check is from the account of Apple Computer Company, which was opened in the Los Altos branch of Wells Fargo Bank in California. This is not the first case when an item having a connection with Steve Jobs has been auctioned.

Signatures have been auctioned earlier also

Earlier also many items related to Steve Jobs have been auctioned. The auction has been held and they have received huge bids in the auction. Last year, another check of Steve Jobs was auctioned in a similar manner. That check was also from 1976. That check of 9.18 dollars was auctioned for 55 thousand dollars i.e. about 45 lakh rupees. Before that, in 2022 itself, a check of Steve Jobs worth $13.86 was sold for $37,564 i.e. about Rs 31 lakh.

Job application sold for Rs 1.5 crore

During the last few years, Steve Jobs A huge demand has been seen in the auction market for Jobs's signature. Apart from the check with his signature, another signature of Steve Jobs was auctioned last year. That signature of Jobs is on a job application he applied for in 1973 as an electronics tech or design engineer. That application of 1973 had received a bid of 1,74,757 dollars i.e. about Rs 1.5 crore in the auction.

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