RBI DIGITA: Reserve Bank's digital is coming, online fraud will be curbed

RBI DIGITA: Reserve Bank's digital is coming, online fraud will be curbed

Digital Fraud App: To prevent online fraud, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is seriously considering setting up the Digital India Trust Agency (DIGITA). Digita will stop the growing number of illegal loan giving apps in the country. This will also make detection of fake apps and prevention of digital fraud easier. Also, such apps will not be visible on Google Play Store.

What is RBI's digital 

Digita (Digital India Trust Agency) is being brought in to prevent financial crimes. According to the information, it will investigate illegal apps in the digital world. In the financial world, apps that do not have digital verification will be considered illegal. If companies want to work in the financial sector then they will have to get their app checked by Digita. This agency will give a report to RBI after examining the app. Also, Digita will help customers in identifying the right app.

It will be easy to identify right and wrong app 

Through digital verification, it will become very easy to identify right and wrong apps in the digital world. Besides, there will also be transparency in the digital loan sector. In the last few years, the share of digital loans in the financial sector has increased rapidly. But, due to this, digital fraud has also increased rapidly. People are very troubled by getting trapped in such fake loan apps. The number of these cases with the police has also increased.

Google has removed 2200 apps 

Google will also make available only the apps that have been approved by Digita on its Play Store. RBI has given the list of 442 digital landing apps to the IT Ministry. Google will have to take action on this. From September 2022 to August 2023, Google has removed approximately 2200 digital landing apps from its Play Store.

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