Pyramid Technoplast IPO: If money is ready then you can bet on this IPO! Opening on August 18, know all the details

Pyramid Technoplast IPO: If money is ready then you can bet on this IPO!  Opening on August 18, know all the details

Pyramid Technoplast IPO: Pyramid Technoplast Company’s IPO is scheduled to open on August 18, 2023. Investors will be able to invest in this issue of Industrial Packaging Company till August 22, 2023. Whereas the IPO will open for anchor investors on August 17, 2023. The company has fixed the size and price band of this IPO. If you are also thinking of investing money in IPO, then we are giving you information about its details. It is worth noting that this will be the fourth IPO to open in the month of August after SBFC Finance, Concord Biotech and TVS Supply Chain Solutions.

What is the price band fixed by the company?

The price band of Pyramid Technoplast IPO has been fixed between Rs 151 to Rs 166. In such a situation, investors can invest in 90 shares at once. In this case, he will have to invest a minimum of Rs 14,940. At the same time, you can bid on a maximum of 1,170 shares in it. In this you can invest a maximum of Rs 1,94,220. According to Moneycontrol’s report, a total of 55 lakh shares are being issued fresh through this IPO. At the same time, the promoters of the company will issue a total of 37.2 lakh shares through offer for sale. If we talk about the upper price band of the company, then a total of Rs 153.05 crore will be raised through this issue.

What will the company do with the amount

According to the report published in Moneycontrol, the company will use the amount raised through this issue to repay the loan. Along with this, the company will use this money as working capital. Along with this, the general corporate objective will also be met with this amount. In this IPO, 20 per cent is reserved for NII, 30 per cent for QIB and the remaining 50 per cent for retail investors.

What is the GMP of the company-

On the other hand, if we talk about the GMP of the company in the Great Market, it is trading at a premium of Rs.20. In such a situation, the price of these shares is likely to reach Rs 186 by the day of listing. In such a situation, investors can get up to 12 percent more return in this IPO. In the financial year 2023, the total earnings of the company in Pyramid Technoplast have been Rs 480 crore. Out of this, there has been a net profit of Rs 31.76 crore.

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