Credit Card: These hidden charges of credit card can give a big wound, will empty your pocket too!

Credit Card Charges: Credit card gives the facility to make purchases even when there is no money and charges money as installment every month. In such a situation, most people use credit cards. However, there are many such charges while using a credit card, about which the users are not aware or the card issuing organization does not inform about it. 

Apart from interest on credit card, late payment and processing fees, many charges are levied, which you should know. If you use it without knowing it, then you can also face heavy losses or it may happen that your pocket becomes empty. 

maintenance charge

Many companies charge maintenance for credit cards. This charge can be annual, according to experts, if you are active then this charge can be zero or you can pay this charge with many reward points. You can compare it with the cards of many companies. 

Cash Advance Fee 

You can withdraw money from ATM with the help of credit card. However, you will be charged for this. In such a situation, you should try not to withdraw cash while using the credit card. 

Delayed Payments 

A charge is levied for late payment of installment on a credit card or rather a penalty is imposed. This fine can be high. In such a situation, there is a need to keep paying the installment on time.  

GST charge

All credit card transactions attract 18% GST. 

Sending money abroad 

A lot of money is charged for sending money abroad with the help of credit card. This charge can be 1% or more of the amount transferred. 

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