Post Budget PC 2024: New preparations after the budget, Modi government will give account of its work of 10 years

Post Budget PC 2024: New preparations after the budget, Modi government will give account of its work of 10 years

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman described the last budget of the second term of the Modi government as the budget that will show the way forward for the economy. During the press conference after the budget on Thursday, he said that this budget is ahead of the development promises made by the government. He also said that a white paper will soon come on the work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government in the last 10 years.

Elections are going to be held after a few months

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said this. Interim Budget 2024 was presented in the Lok Sabha on the first day. Lok Sabha elections are going to be held this year. For this reason, an interim budget was presented instead of the full budget. This was also the sixth consecutive budget of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. After presenting the budget in the Lok Sabha, he gave his reaction on the budget during the traditional press conference in the evening and answered the questions of the media.

This is why the populist budget did not come

Post- In the Budget PC, the Finance Minister made it clear that since it was an interim budget, it was a vote of account, so the government tried to keep it as a vote of account. Finance Minister said- Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already told that this is going to be a complete vote of account. We also told in this budget how the economy is going to perform from here onwards and how we are going to take the economy forward. We started from there in this budget, which we have already delivered. He was asked whether the government is ending the tradition of populist budget.

New definition of GDP

Finance Minister Sitharaman also gave a new definition of GDP during this period, which she mentioned Did this even during the budget speech. In their new definition, G means governance, D means development and P means performance. He said- We have handled the economy well. Our growth rate is the highest in G-20 and has consistently remained above 7 percent. Every part is contributing to the progress of the country.

Eastern states will become the engine of growth

Regarding the eastern states, Finance Minister Sitharaman said that the central government will help in Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal Like it wants to make the states the engine of the next phase of growth. He also said that his government is going to bring a white paper on its work in the last 10 years, in which a comparison will be presented with the performance of the previous 10 years. 

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