Play School Fees: Child's play school expenses are more than my entire education, CA's post goes viral

Play School Fees: Child's play school expenses are more than my entire education, CA's post goes viral

School Fees Issue: The cost of education is increasing rapidly. Children's fees have reached lakhs. Every parent wants to provide the best education in the world to their child. But, to fulfill this dream they have to pay a heavy price. Parents are struggling to bear this huge expense of education. When a CA from Delhi described this pain, her post immediately went viral. Many people have shared their stories on this. He wrote that the expense of my entire education was not as much as the fees of my child's play school. 

My son's Playschool fee is more than my entire education expense 🙂

I hope he learns to play well here!

— Akash Kumar (@AkashTrader) April 12, 2024

Play school fees Rs 4.3 lakh annually 

Delhi-based Chartered Accountant (CA) Akash Kumar wrote on social media platform X that the fees of my son's play school is more than the amount spent during my entire education. Akash Kumar does treading work. He told that the child's play school fees is Rs 4.3 lakh annually. I hope he learns to play well there. Along with this post, he has also attached a screenshot, which has the breakdown of the child's play school fees. This includes registration, annual charge and term fee.

Enormous reaction received on social media 

This post of Akash Kumar has received more than 20 lakh views so far. This post has received 15 thousand likes, more than 2100 retweets and thousands of comments. Many interesting comments are coming on this. Many people have been surprised at this huge fee. Besides, a debate has also arisen on the level of services provided by these play schools. One user wrote that many MNCs pay less than this annual salary to their employees. I want Artificial Intelligence to enter this sector also. Another user put the blame on the government. He wrote that this situation has arisen due to the plight of government schools. Another wrote that fancy buildings and facilities are the demand of parents, hence they have to bear this money also.

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