nVIDIA MCap: Surpasses Saudi Aramco, becomes world's third largest company

nVIDIA MCap: Surpasses Saudi Aramco, becomes world's third largest company

The historic rally continues in the shares of American chip maker Nvidia. In this tremendous rally storm, Nvidia is continuously creating new unmatched records and is leaving behind many giants one by one. In the latest case, Nvidia has now left Saudi Aramco behind.

Now the value of Nvidia has become this much

Companies Market Cap, the portal that tracks the value of the world's largest companies. According to, now the market value of Nvidia has increased to 2.056 trillion dollars. Whereas the current market value of Saudi Aramco is 2.046 trillion dollars. In this way, Nvidia has now become the third largest listed company in the world, leaving behind Saudi Aramco.

It will cost Rs 70 thousand to buy one share.

Nvidia will again trade in shares on Friday. Have benefited from the rapid arrival. On Friday, Nvidia's shares registered a rise of 4 percent. In this way, one share of Nvidia is now worth $822.79. Talking in Indian money, you will have to spend around Rs 70 thousand to buy one share of Nvidia.

This record was made two weeks ago

According to the companies market cap, Currently, the world's largest listed company is Microsoft, whose current value is 3.087 trillion dollars. Apple is the second most valuable company in the world with a value of $2.774 trillion. Only last month, Nvidia became the third largest company in the US market by defeating giants like Amazon, Google's parent company Alphabet and Facebook's parent company Meta.

Rally in share prices is coming due to these reasons< /h3>

Actually, Nvidia is getting help from the rise of AI. Nvidia's chips are being used extensively in artificial intelligence computing. Due to this, the demand for its chips is strong and on the basis of this demand, the company's shares are continuously rising. Last month, after the release of December quarter results, Nvidia had created another unmatched record.

Added more value than Reliance in one day

Nvidia's shares increased in just one day. Had gone up by 16 percent. Due to which Nvidia's market cap increased by $277 billion in a single day. This figure is more than the total value of India's largest listed company. The largest company in the Indian market is Reliance Industries, whose value is around 250 billion dollars.

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