Health Insurance: You have also changed the job and the health insurance cover is over? Know here the fund of nonstop coverage

Health Insurance After Changing Jobs: If you are planning to change jobs, or are going to join a new job somewhere, then you must be worried about your health insurance cover. Will be In such a situation, the first question that would come in front of you is whether you will have to give up the health insurance you get from the old company or can you continue it? So we are going to answer this question of yours in this news. Funds related to this can be understood as follows. 

Take care while changing jobs 

In today’s time, health insurance has become necessary for everyone. If you are in private or government job, then you must have got health insurance. Many companies provide health insurance cover to their employees. Medical emergency never comes by informing you in advance. People who are working, or are going to do a job, are given a health insurance policy from the company for their family and themselves. But you face problems when you change your job. 

This is the rule related to insurance 

According to the rules of Insurance Regulator IRDA (IRDAI), if any employee wants, he can change his Group Insurance Cover to Individual Health Insurance Plan of the same insurance company. On the other hand, if you do not do this, then you will stop getting the benefits of the group insurance scheme on the last day of the job.

Keep the insurance policy in force 

If you are moving from one company to another, then you have to keep a few things in mind to continue with the health insurance. You need to convert group policy to individual policy in another company. For this, the existing group insurance company has to be informed that you are about to leave the company and want to convert the group insurance policy into an individual policy. To change the insurance, the consent of the old company is necessary. After getting the consent from the company, the insurance policy is changed within a few days. You have to apply for conversion of group health insurance plan to individual health insurance plan at least 30 days before the end date of the notice period.

Advantages of Individual Health Insurance

There are many benefits of converting a group health insurance plan to an individual health insurance plan. The waiting period for your personal health policy is decided according to the group policy. Individual members get credit for the coverage already done under the group insurance policy. 

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