NTPC Share Price: NTPC's market cap crosses Rs 3 lakh crore for the first time, included in top 20 listed companies

NTPC Share Price: NTPC's market cap crosses Rs 3 lakh crore for the first time, included in top 20 listed companies

NTPC Update: The market capitalization of NTPC, the largest public sector company producing electricity in the country, has crossed Rs 3 lakh crore for the first time. On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, a spectacular rise was seen in the stock of NTPC. The share reached its lifetime high of Rs 312.50 and at market close, the stock closed at Rs 309.65 with a jump of 2.13 percent. Due to this spectacular rise in the stock, the market capitalization of NTPC has also crossed Rs 3 lakh crore and has reached Rs 300,257 crore. 

NTPC stock to rise 86% in 2023 

In the year 2023, like other energy sector companies of the Government of India, the shares of NPTC have also seen a strong rise. In the current year, NTPC's stock has jumped by 86 percent. On the last trading day of 2022, NTPC shares closed at Rs 166.45. But in 2023, domestic and foreign investors invested heavily in NTPC stock. Brokerage houses were also extremely bullish on NTPC stock. 

Multibagger return of 200% in 3 years 

In the current year, NTPC shares have reached Rs 309.65 with a rise of Rs 143 i.e. 86 per cent. If we look at the movement of NTPC stock, the stock has increased by 23 percent in the last one month, 67 percent in six months, 147 percent in 2 years and almost 200 percent in 3 years.  

NTPC's IPO came in 2004

NTPC's IPO came in the year 2004. Then the company had raised about Rs 4,000 from the market at the issue price of Rs 62. NTPC shares have underperformed in the market for a long time. But in the last 2-3 years there has been a tremendous rise in the stock. And now for the first time since its listing on the stock exchange, the share was successful in closing beyond Rs 300 last week. And this week the market cap of NTPC crossed Rs 3 lakh crore. 

Ranked among top 20 companies 

In terms of market, NTPC is at 20th position among the companies listed on the stock exchange. Whereas among public sector companies, State Bank of India and LIC are two companies which are included in the top 20 in terms of market cap. The remaining 17 companies come from the private sector.  

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