Nikhil Kamath: 'One day we are all going to die', Zerodha founder gave a big lesson while smiling

Nikhil Kamath: 'One day we are all going to die', Zerodha founder gave a big lesson while smiling

Zerodha Founder: Nikhil Kamath, founder of online share trading platform Zerodha, is very active on social media. His thinking regarding life and business is a bit different. His journey from leaving school and doing small jobs to becoming a billionaire is quite interesting. Despite having so much money, he still does not have his own house. People like them and want to know more and more about them. Now Nikhil Kamat has said that we are all going to die. He has advised people not to take life too seriously. He appealed to the young businessmen to take risks in life and not be afraid of small defeats. 

One should not take life so seriously

The net worth of Zerodha Founder is estimated to be around 3 billion dollars. He told the young businessmen that I allowed many small things in my life to impact my life. Even though it was not that important. Now I am walking with just one goal in life that one should not take life so seriously. We should live life with fun. You didn't do well in an exam, you were jealous of a friend, or you liked a girl but she didn't like you, no problem. These are very small things. Don't let them affect your life because in the end we are all going to die.

One should not waste time on unnecessary things

Nikhil Kamat has shared the video on social media platform X, in which he is saying that I did not like going to school. I was afraid of all my teachers. I was afraid of almost everything. nothing is permanent. We should not waste our time on unnecessary things. 

WT Fund was launched for young businessmen

He recently launched WT Fund. Through this fund, businessmen below 25 years of age will be helped. This WT Fund will help young businessmen up to Rs 20 lakh. Nikhil Kamat will not even take equity in return. Mentorship will also be provided to young businessmen. Nikhil Kamat said that young businessmen can bring a big change in the industry. We will also run testing, feedback and internship programs for them. We want that people should not avoid taking risks due to financial problems. We have full hope that this fund will be very useful to these people.

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