Mutual Fund Nomination: Deadline for adding nominee in mutual funds has been extended, now you will be able to complete this work by this date

SEBI Extends Mutual Fund Nomination Date: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Tuesday extended the nomination deadline (MF Nomination Deadline Extended), giving great relief to Mutual Fund Investors. decided to pursue. Now investors will be able to complete the nomination work by September 30, 2023. Earlier, the deadline for nomination was ending on March 31. SEBI had issued a circular in July 2022 informing that in case of non-completion of nomination by March 31, investors may suffer huge losses.

Complete the nomination work by September 30, 2023

Actually, SEBI is insisting on mutual fund investors to complete the nomination because if a mutual fund investor dies before the maturity of the scheme, then in such a situation it is difficult to transfer his assets to someone else. There should be no problem.

How to add nominee in mutual fund-

You can do the work of mutual fund nomination both online and offline.
To complete the nomination through online medium, you visit the official website of your mutual fund.
Here you have to add the nomination option will appear. Click on it and complete the nomination work.

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