Mukesh Ambani Neighbors Networth: Not only Mukesh Ambani, his neighbors are also billionaires, everyone has immense wealth

Mukesh Ambani House: Asia’s richest person Mukesh Ambani’s house is on Altamount Road in Mumbai. This is also the most expensive road in Asia, which is called ‘Billionaires Row’ Also known as. It is also the 10th most expensive road in the world. Mukesh Ambani’s house Antilia is the most expensive house in Asia. At the same time, there is a residence of many billionaires around it. Let’s know who—who live in the neighborhood of Mukesh Ambani. 

Mo​tilal Oswal 

The first name in Mukesh Ambani’s neighbor list comes from the Oswal family. Motilal Oswal in the year 2020 ’33 South’ Buying houses on K 13th and 17th. As per the March 2022 report, Motilal Oswal’s net worth is Rs 4242.11 crore.

Natra Chandrasekaran 

Janata is the chairman of the Tata Sons company of the group, who has served as CEO and director in several Tata group companies. After living in a rented house for the last five years, he bought Duplex on the 11th and 12th floors in the same house for Rs 98 crore in 2020. He is the highest paid CEO of India, earning Rs 109 crore. 

Properties of Harsh Jain 

Founder of Yes Bank 

Rana Kapoor bought a luxury house in this posh area of ​​Mumbai in 2013 for Rs 128 crore. The name of this building is Khurshidabad, whose present value is said to be more than Rs 150 crore. His total assets are Rs 43 billion. 

Owner of Sajjan Jindal Group 

Prashant Jain, CEO of JSW Energy, bought a house in this area last year for Rs 45 crore. In a report, his total assets have been mentioned as Rs 450 crore. 

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