Minimum Pension Hike: Pensioners threaten to go on hunger strike, demand minimum pension of Rs 7,500 under EPS-95

Minimum Pension Hike: Pensioners threaten to go on hunger strike, demand minimum pension of Rs 7,500 under EPS-95

Pension Scheme: Retired employees receiving pension under the Employees' Pension Scheme, 1995 (EPS-95) have threatened to go on a hunger strike demanding increase in the minimum monthly pension to Rs 7,500. The pensioners said that if their demands were not met, they would start a hunger strike on January 31. It says that more than 50,000 pensioners from across the country will join this movement. 

Under the EPS-95 scheme of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation, pensioners currently get a minimum monthly pension of Rs 1,000. This pension is being given as per the rules applicable in September 2014. According to EPFO ​​data, there are about 78 lakh pensioners across the country. 

The committee which is agitating for the demands of pensioners said in its statement, under the leadership of National Agitation Committee of EPS-95, pensioners are protesting at Jantar Mantar of the national capital demanding increase in minimum pension to Rs 7,500 per month and other benefits. It has been decided to start the second indefinite hunger strike from January 31. The committee said that despite the assurance of Union Labor Minister Bhupendra Yadav, the government is not fulfilling their demands. 

Committee Chairman Ashok Raut said, this is our final warning. Despite repeated assurances, no action has been taken on our demands. If our demands are not met then we will fast unto death. Before this, state-wise hunger strike demonstrations will start from January 31. Ashok Raut said, after working for 30 years and continuously contributing to the EPS-based pension scheme, the employees are getting such a small amount as monthly pension that it is difficult for them and their families to survive. < /p>

Under the existing norms, 12 per cent of the basic salary of an employee covered under the EPS-95 scheme goes into the provident fund, while 8.33 per cent of the employer's share goes into the employee pension scheme. Apart from this, the government also contributes 1.16 percent to the employee's pension fund.

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