Meta Platforms: Illegal drug trade going on on FB-Insta? Investigation started against Meta

Meta Platforms: Illegal drug trade going on on FB-Insta?  Investigation started against Meta

Illicit Drug Sales: Meta Platforms, which run big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, seem to be in big trouble. In America, there have been allegations against him of selling illegal drugs. An investigation is also being conducted against the company on these allegations. Virginia prosecutors are investigating these serious allegations against the world's largest social media company.

Meta platforms claim profit from drugs sale 

According to the Wall Street Journal report on Saturday, it has been claimed that meta platforms have benefited from drug sales. Quoting sources, it has been said in this report that a criminal investigation is going on against the company. Summons were sent to him in this regard only last year. The investigators have also asked for records from Meta regarding drug content and illegal drugs sale. The Wall Street Journal has claimed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also helping in this investigation.  

Sale of illegal drugs is against the policy of Meta

Meta spokesperson has claimed that the sale of illegal drugs is against our policy. We continuously detect these things and take action against them. We do not support them in any of our services. Besides, Meta has always supported the law enforcement agencies in fighting against illegal drugs. However, Meta, FDA and Virginia Attorney General Office have currently refused to reveal anything regarding this investigation. 

Meta has always fought against synthetic drugs 

Meta's Global Affairs President Nick Clegg wrote on social media platform X on Friday that our company has always helped the State Department, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and Snapchat to stop the online sale of synthetic drugs. Also, our social media platforms always keep making people aware about the ill effects of illegal drugs.

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