Market Outlook: The new season of results is about to start, there is a lot of economic data, know how the market will be this week!

Market Outlook: The new season of results is about to start, there is a lot of economic data, know how the market will be this week!

Last week proved to be a mixed bag for the domestic stock market. During the last week, the market suffered losses in some sessions, while some sessions brought profits. Overall, if we talk about the whole week, the market was in slight profit and thus the decline that had been going on for two consecutive weeks came to an end. Now the new week of the market is going to start from October 9.

This is how the market was last week

Before moving ahead, look at the past situation. On Friday, October 6, the last day of last week, the Sensex strengthened by about 365 points and closed near 66 thousand points. During the week, Sensex rose by about 315 points or 0.48 percent. Nifty closed above 19,650 points on Friday with a gain of about 110 points. Nifty gained 0.45 percent during the week.

The world was shocked by the attack on Israel

Now if we talk about the week starting from October 9, as soon as the market opened on Monday, -The effect of political tensions may be visible. After the markets were closed for the two-day weekly holiday, a new geopolitical crisis arose early on Saturday morning when Hamas attacked Israel. This incident, which happened early on Saturday morning, has shocked the whole world and there is a fear that the war may drag on for a long time. This development is going to have a direct impact on the stock markets around the world.

Economic data will have an impact

The next week is also going to be very important from the economic point of view. A new result season is going to start in the market during the week. IT company TCS will start it by releasing the results on October 11. Wholesale and retail inflation figures will be revealed only during the new week. These economic data can also have an impact on market movements.

On October 12, industrial production and manufacturing production figures for August will be released. Retail inflation figures will come only on October 12. Wholesale Price Index (WPI) figures for September will come on October 13. Among other factors, movement of dollar and crude oil is important.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is being given for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. As an investor, always consult an expert before investing money. never advises anyone to invest any money.

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