Bathukamma 2023: These flowers aren’t just for decoration Bathukamma – it’s a wonderful remedy for joint pain!

Bathukamma 2023: These flowers aren’t just for decoration Bathukamma – it’s a wonderful remedy for joint pain!

Bathukamma 2023:  Bathukamma festival is a festival of not only playing games, beautifying but also worshiping the health-giving nature. The girls compete and cut as many flowers as possible and fill their laps and bring them home. All the flowers used in Bathukamma festival have many medicinal properties. Bathukamma flowers are the veins that spread health.  Medical Mines. Chemicals that act as insecticides.  Tangedu, Gunu, Katla, Gummadi… While cutting the flowers, stacking them, the surroundings are purified. These flowers contain alkaloids that act as antibiotics. Gourd leaves have good anti-biotic properties. By mixing the flowers and leaves in the ponds, bacteria, fungi and viruses in the water will be destroyed with their natural properties. That makes the water in the ponds and ponds clean. ABP Nation brings you a daily story about the benefits of these flowers. Today let’s learn about the medicinal properties and health benefits of pumpkin flowers…

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  • Pumpkin is a nickname for Ruchi. Pumpkin leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds are good for health
  • Prevents diabetes, tumors
  • Keeps BP under control
  • Pumpkin flower is rich in antibacterial properties
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  • Pumpkin is an excellent medicine for stomach worms and urinary problems
  • Pumpkin flower contains vitamins A and C
  • Its scientific name is ‘Cucumbitapipo’. Reduces leg pain after aging
  • Does not harm the prostate gland
  • If used by people with dry skin it is very good for the skin
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    Pumpkin flowers can be used not only for medicine but also for cooking
    To prevent various diseases from constipation to diabetes. Useful properties are present in gourd. In China, gourd is used in medicine to treat diabetes. All the parts like flower, pod, pod and leaf have medicinal properties. Many dishes can be prepared with pumpkin flowers.

    Pumpkin flower bajji
     Corn‌flour‌, flour, rice flour, salt, chilli, ginger paste and dip the pumpkin flowers in it as bajji. If fried, the taste will be intense. After removing them, fry the flowers in the same oil. Grind everything finely and add tamarind pulp, salt and garlic cloves and grind it once more."Lotus flowers are not only for decoration but also for health!" href="" target="_self">Lotus flowers are not only for decoration but also for health!

    Pumpkin flower curry
    Cut the pumpkin flowers thinly. Heat oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and garlic and fry. After frying, add onions and green chillies and fry till thick. Add flower petals and grated coconut to it and cook it by turning it. The curry is ready if you sprinkle coriander after it is near. Add rice flour, gram flour, green chillies and onions and mix it like pakodi batter and fry it in oil. Pumpkin flower pakodi is very tasty if deep fried. 

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