Layoffs: Microsoft laid off after 25 years of employment! Employee expressed pain on social media

Microsoft Layoffs: With the beginning of the year 2023, many big tech companies (Tech Layoffs) such as Facebook’s parent company Meta Layoffs, Amazon Layoffs, Google Layoffs, Microsoft Layoffs   Adi has laid off employees. Companies have taken this decision to reduce their expenses.

These layoffs have affected many tech workers across the world. The employees who were retrenched are continuously telling their story through social media. Recently, a similar story went viral on social media. The world’s leading tech company Microsoft (Microsoft Layoffs 2023) laid off 10,000 people in January. After this, the company fired 500 people working in America in March.

Lay off after 25 years of service

Among the employees who were fired by Microsoft in March, there is a woman who has served the company for almost 25 years. This woman’s name is Ann Pfeiffer. This woman has worked in Microsoft for more than 25 years. He said that in all these years many employees came and went and I kept working here. Ann’s name was also included in the company’s layoffs in March.

LinkedIn pain statement

Describing her pain on the social media platform Linkedin from Ann, she told that she was working in Microsoft for the last 25 years and in March 2023, I suddenly came to know that I have been fired. He said that it was very difficult for him to leave a company where he had worked for 25 years.

He thanked all his co-workers and said that the experience of working in Microsoft for so many years was very good. Now he is looking for a new job. Along with this, he wrote that when one path in life is closed, another opens. In such a situation, I will get a job soon somewhere.

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