JTL Industries: Bumper return of this multibagger share, 765% rise in 3 years

JTL Industries: Bumper return of this multibagger share, 765% rise in 3 years

JTL Industries Limited, a steel pipe and tube manufacturing company, has given handsome returns to its investors in the stock market. An unprecedented rise has been recorded in the price of this share during the last few years.

Slight correction in recent sessions

This share has fallen slightly in today's trading and in the initial session It is trading below Rs 260 with a loss of about 1 percent. According to the last 5 days, this stock is in loss of more than one and a half percent. At the same time, the stock is down about 4 percent in a month. The stock is currently down about 7 percent compared to its 52-week high of Rs 278.

Such a rise in a year

However, there has been a slight correction in the price recently. Leaving aside this, the returns of this stock are tremendous. Even after the recent correction compared to the beginning of this year, this stock is in profit of more than 9 percent. The price of this share has increased by more than 24 percent in the last 6 months. Talking about the year, it is currently trading at a profit of about 65 percent as compared to the level of a year ago.

Investors got this much return

This multibagger The share has given bumper returns of about 765 percent in the last 3 years. In the same period, JTL Industries' parent index i.e. BSE Small Cap has increased by 122 percent and BSE Sensex has increased by about 48 percent. The lowest level of the share during the last one year is Rs 142.75, where it reached on March 28, 2023.

The brokerage has given this target

The market cap of JTL Industries is currently Rs 4,600. Near crore rupees. Its PE ratio is 40.13, while the dividend yield is 0.039 percent. Axis Securities has given a target of Rs 300 to this metal stock. HDFC Securities has also given a target of Rs 300 to this stock.

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