Jobs in Hospitality: Great news from travel, tourism and hospitality industry! Possibility of 70 to 80 thousand jobs

Jobs in Hospitality: Great news from travel, tourism and hospitality industry!  Possibility of 70 to 80 thousand jobs

There is a global crisis due to the Covid pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. There is also a possibility of recession in many countries. Now the war between Israel and Palestine has created a new crisis. On the other hand, in the last few years, there has been a large scale job cut in the IT sector. However, apart from this there is a sector which has grown rapidly after Covid. 

Now the possibility of jobs in this sector is increasing on a large scale. Thousands of job opportunities will open in the coming months from travel, tourism and hospitality industry in India. Due to the increase in travel during the festive season and the travel sector being buzzing after Covid, job opportunities are being created.

70 to 80 thousand job opportunities 

According to staffing company TeamLease, the demand for travel has increased rapidly during the festive season. Along with this, Cricket World Cup has also increased the demand for travel. This time the ICC Men’s World Cup is being held in different cities of India. This tournament organized in about 10 cities has given a boost to the tourism sector. TeamLease estimates that this will create 70,000-80,000 job opportunities in the coming months. 

hotel booking increased 

This is the first year after Covid when such a large number of hotel bookings are being done. This demand is expected to increase further in the coming festive season. 

Additionally, this is the first post-Covid year when the industry is expected to see hotel occupancy and footfall exceeding pre-pandemic levels and a spate of expansions by leading hotel chains.

Increased demand for hotels increased 

ITC-backed Fortune Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels and many other large and medium-sized hotels are acquiring small and non-branded hotels to meet the demand. According to the ET report, top company officials said that in the next 6-12 months, the companies have hired 1,500 to 3,000 people. In view of such demand, it is expected that other companies will also hire people. 

For which post there will be opportunities 

If we talk about top roles in this sector, there will be job opportunities for posts like Hospitality Manager, Event Planner and Coordinators, Restaurant Staff, Logistics Manager and Drivers. 

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