IPL Cheerleaders Income: Earnings of an IPL cheerleaders will blow your senses, they get so much money for every match

IPL Cheerleaders Income: Most Popular in the World Indian Premier League has started. Every day the number of users in this league is increasing. From IPL to famous cricketers to businessmen as sponsors are associated with this league. Apart from this, there are also cheerleaders who entertain the IPL crowd. Their entry was closed for the last few years due to Kovid, but from this year their entry has been done again. 

Only a few faces in IPL are Indian as cheerleaders, while most of the cheerleaders come from abroad. In such a situation, do you know how much their income is and how much they earn during a match or season? Let’s know.  

How much do IPL cheerleaders earn 

According to media sources, cheerleaders take Rs 14,000 to Rs 17,000 for an IPL match. At the same time, CSK, Punjab, Sunrise Hyderabad, Delhi Capital give cheerleaders more money than Rs 12,000 per match. Whereas Mumbai and RCB pay close to Rs 20,000 per match. The highest paid by KKR to cheerleaders is Rs 24,000 per match. 

In addition to per match income is also available 

They have income even after the match. Cheerleaders are given bonuses on the basis of performance and if their team wins. In addition, cheerleaders also enjoy the benefits of luxury goods, from access to food, etc. 

On what basis cheerleaders are selected 

Job of cheerleaders is not easily available in IPL. The selection is done on the basis of assessment and interview. An IPL cheerleader must have experience in dance, modeling and performing in front of a crowd. 

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