Indian's Investment: Not bank FD, SIP or gold, this is the most favorite investment of Indian people.

Indian's Investment: Not bank FD, SIP or gold, this is the most favorite investment of Indian people.

Everyone invests and saves to improve their tomorrow. For this, people adopt different measures. People choose investment instruments keeping in mind their income, expenses, goals etc. In today's time, there are many investment options available from bank FD to gold and from stock market to real estate.

These are not the favorite investments of Indians

Online real estate firms has told in a recent report what is the most favorite investment of Indians. The results of the report are shocking. According to the report, Indians do not invest the most in bank FD, gold or mutual funds, but real estate has remained the most favorite investment of Indians for a long time.

Two-thirds of the people invest in real estate. Choice

NoBroker conducted a survey to find out the favorite investments of Indians. In the survey, 74 percent people said that they consider real estate a better investment option than gold or bitcoin etc. 13 percent people said gold as their most favorite investment, while for 12 percent people, SIP and stock market emerged as the best investments. Only 1 percent people described Bitcoin as their favorite investment.

Owning a home is better than living on rent.

The report also revealed people's opinion about buying a home versus living on rent. According to the report, most people prefer to buy their own house instead of living on rent. Especially due to the continuously increasing rents, the attraction towards buying houses has increased among the people. People feel that paying EMI is better than continuously paying rent. Apart from this, people are also preferring to buy houses for investment.

NRIs are also taking interest

NRIs i.e. Non-Resident Indians are also taking a lot of interest in Indian Real. According to the report, more and more NRIs are preferring to buy houses in metro cities. Especially cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru are the favorite destinations of NRIs to buy houses. Most NRIs have a budget of more than Rs 1 crore to buy property in India.

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