India First Underwater Metro: Now Metro will run under water, India’s first underwater train is going to be tested, know the specialty

Underwater Metro Train in India: Now the metro will run under water as well. India’s first underwater mental train is about to start. April 9 means that it will be tested tomorrow. This metro will pass through a tunnel built in the Hooghly river. 6 coaches will be attached to this metro. Apart from this, this metro has many other specialties. 

Two six-coach trains have been prepared for testing under the Kolkata East-West Metro Project. The East West Metro corridor connecting Howrah Maidan and Sector V in Salt Lake is operational for a short distance between Sector V station and Sealdah. These two six-coach Metro trains will conduct a trial run between Esplanade and Howrah Maidan over a distance of 4.8 km. 

The country’s first metro was started in Kolkata 

The country’s first metro railway was started in Kolkata itself in 1984. After this it was started in Delhi in 2002 and now it has started in many cities. And another underwater metro is going to add to Kolkata’s achievement. 

Battery is also used to run metro 

TOI reports that tomorrow’s trail run between Salt Lake and Howrah will pass through Sealdah and Esplanade tunnel successfully. At the same time, the work of laying track between Sealdah and Esplanade is incomplete. Although the temporary track has been prepared for the trial by laying it. Trains will run as normal till Sealdah station but from Sealdah to Esplanade, they will be pushed in tunnel form by battery operated locos. Then from Esplanade to Howrah they will operate normally.

The work will be completed by December 2023 

KMRC had said that India’s first underwater metro service, the East-West Metro Corridor project is expected to be completed by December 2023. The work is currently in progress and there are many delays in the completion of the underwater metro project. 

This metro will be like London and Paris 

The first of its kind underwater metro train in India has been compared to Eurostar, which connects London and Paris. This metro train will pass 13 meters below the bed of the Hungli river. Its introduction will provide relief to lakhs of passengers. 

How much will it cost 

Howrah station will be the maximum depth of 33 meters, currently Hauz Khas is the deepest station up to 29 meters. The cost of making the tunnel is said to be Rs 120 crore per kilometer. 

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