Hurun Report: Know what India's millionaires eat, drink and wear, such are the habits of the rich

Hurun Report: Know what India's millionaires eat, drink and wear, such are the habits of the rich

Hurun India Consumer Survey: Hurun India has released the third edition of the Indian Luxury Consumer Survey. This survey has thrown light on the favorite brands of Indian millionaires, their shopping habits and lifestyle trends. For this, the opinion of 150 Indian millionaires was sought regarding various products and services. Men and women were also included in the survey. The assets of all of them are at least Rs 8 crore and the average age is 32 years. 

The rich became happier in the last one year  

According to a survey by Hurun Indian, 39 percent of millionaires use eWallet or UPI for payments. Most described themselves as happier than last year. He is no longer taking risks in investment. Nearly one-third of millionaires believe that they are fulfilling their social responsibilities by building a good company. About 20 percent of millionaires want to send their children abroad for education. 

Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are his favorite brands 

According to the report of Hurun Research Institute, almost a quarter of millionaires change their cars every three years. His priority is Audi, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. These people like to stay and eat in Taj, Hyatt and Marriott. Also want to fly by Emirates planes. These people are interested in traveling and jewelery collection is their first priority. These people like Rolex watches the most. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are her favorite fashion brands.  

India's market for luxury brands will expand 

Hurun India MD and Chief Researcher Anas Rahman Junaid said that according to the 2022 report, there are about 7 lakh millionaires in the country. This number is going to increase by 75 percent in the next 5 years. This is going to bring many opportunities for luxury brands in India. Businessmen, real estate owners, high salary earners, stock market veterans and new middle class have been included in the survey of the year 2023. All of them want to diversify their investment portfolio. This year, the inclination of the rich is going to be more towards real estate and stocks.

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