Health Insurance: Now health insurance will be available at any age, even the sick will be able to buy the policy.

Health Insurance: Now health insurance will be available at any age, even the sick will be able to buy the policy.

IRDAI New Rules: Insurance sector regulator IRDAI has taken a big decision regarding health insurance. Now even people above 65 years of age will be able to take a health insurance policy. IRDA has removed the age limit for taking health insurance. This will provide great assistance to people in their treatment during old age. At present, you could not get the benefit of health insurance at an older age. 

IRDA removed the maximum rule of 65 years 

IRDA has eased the way for everyone to access the healthcare system by removing the maximum age limit. Now anyone will be able to easily buy a health insurance plan and sudden health expenses can be easily dealt with. Under the old guidelines, a new health insurance policy could be purchased only till the age of 65 years. The new rules of IRDA have come into effect from April 1. According to them, now health insurance can be taken at any age. 

People suffering from diseases will also get health insurance 

IRDA has said in its gazette notification that insurance companies will now have to make such health insurance products, which are applicable to people of all ages. Besides, companies will also have to bring products keeping in mind senior citizens, students, children and motherhood. IRDA has said that companies will have to bring insurance policies according to the people already suffering from any disease. IRDA has made it clear that companies will not be able to refuse to provide health insurance to people suffering from diseases like cancer, heart, kidney problems and AIDS. Besides, the policy taker will also be given the option of installment to pay the premium.

There will be no limit on coverage of AYUSH treatment

According to the new rules of IRDA, companies providing general and health insurance will now be able to provide travel policies also. Also, there will be no limit on the coverage of AYUSH treatment. In Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, coverage will be available up to the sum insured without any cap. Also, multiple claims have also been allowed. 

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