Gold Silver Rate: Tremendous jump in gold and silver, know how expensive gold and silver will be today

Gold Silver Rate: Gold and silver are visible in the country today with a strong boom. Yesterday, where there was a big decline in gold and silver, today they are again going to a higher level. In this way, big ups and downs are being seen in the price of gold and silver in the past. Both gold and silver are trading in the upper range due to high demand. 

How are gold and silver prices today

Gold on Multi Commodity Exchange MCX remains in the green mark today. Here gold is at the rate of Rs 60390 per 10 grams with a jump of Rs 372. The level of Rs 60408 was seen on the upside in gold and today it went down to the level of Rs 60170. Today, a jump of more than half a percent has been seen in gold. These gold prices are for its June futures.

How is the luster of silver

Today is a fast day for the bright metal silver and it is up 0.76 percent with a gain of more than Rs.568. Today the rate of Rs 74891 per kg is being seen in silver. On the upward side, the level of up to Rs 74925 had come in silver today. On the downside, silver had fallen by Rs 74622. These prices of silver are for its May futures.

Know gold and silver rates in four major metros

Gold prices in Delhi today rose by Rs 330 to Rs 60,910 per gram.

Today gold prices in Mumbai are up by Rs 330 at Rs 60760 per gram.

Today gold prices in Chennai are up by Rs 320 at Rs 61420 per gram.

Gold price in Kolkata today has strengthened by Rs 330 to Rs 60760 per 10 grams.

Gold rate today in the international market

Gold on Comax is seeing a jump of $ 10 per ounce i.e. 0.50 percent. It is trading at 2014.05 dollars per ounce. Today, the price of silver has increased by 0.90 percent and is trading in the international market. Silver is trading at $25.135 an ounce today.

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