Elon Musk Space Venture: Elon Musk’s Space Dream: As it happens in movies, it is happening exactly!

Elon Musk Space Venture: Elon Musk’s Space Dream: As it happens in movies, it is happening exactly!

Christopher Nolan is in headlines all over the world right now by making a movie on Oppenheimer, the inventor of the most tragic weapon in human history. Christopher Nolan got popularity all over the world by his space theme movie Interstellar. In Interstellar, humans are shown leaving the realm of the earth and becoming citizens of the universe. Nolan’s imagination seems pure cinematic even according to the most modern techniques available today, but in the coming times it will remain a cinematic imagination, it is less likely. Lots of people are working hard to make such cinematic visions a reality, and many cinematic dreams have become reality today.

The Many Identities of Elon Musk

If you If you have a little knowledge of the country and the world, then surely you would know the name of Elon Musk. People know this person for different identities and reasons. Most people know Elon Musk as the richest person in the world. America and Europe know Musk as the father of the electric car revolution. Crypto fans know him as the Dogefather. The people of war-ravaged Ukraine recognize Elon Musk as the provider of internet via satellite. People associated with the American Space Agency NASA and Space Science are aware of some other identity of Musk. They know Musk as the person who started a taxi service like Ola-Uber from Earth to Space.

I saw this dream 20 years ago

20 years ago today, if someone had told you that there would be such a rocket, which would go into space and return after completing its work. The rocket will be reusable after landing back on Earth. Surely you would have given him the certificate of a madman. It is said that this happens only in movies. Musk not only dreamed of a reusable rocket 20 years ago, but has made it a reality today. Efforts continued, the team of scientists kept working, rockets kept going into space and kept failing before successful landing. Once the mission failed and billions of dollars were spent, but scientists kept getting funding from Musk. As a result, today Musk’s rockets are carrying satellites from various companies to government space agencies to their destination i.e. Earth’s orbit. Musk’s rockets have become a ride for astronauts from goods to the space station. Musk’s rocket has made space missions many times cheaper for NASA.

SpaceX started with an accident

Elon Musk has not got this success in a day. Right now, the biggest stakeholder of the fast developing space economy is Elon Musk and it started when the term space economy was not even tossed properly. Elon Musk started an online banking venture named X.com. Till that time space was not a part of his mission. The year 2000 came and Elon Musk was out of PayPal using successful-failed experiments. Elon Musk’s space dream started with an accident.

This target was set in 2002

The matter is of 2001. Elon Musk had an argument with a Russian rocket designer. Elon Musk was so hurt by that controversy that he decided to form his own rocket company and compete with Russia. Then came the year 2002, when Elon Musk formed the SpaceX company. This is not a fabricated thing. NASA’s deputy administrator Lori Garver has mentioned this incident in her book on the commercialization of space. SpaceX aims to revolutionize space technology and colonize Mars.

Musk’s revenge is finally complete

Musk’s company built its first rocket in 2005, the Falcon 1, which cost $100 million to build. A year after that, SpaceX made another rocket Dragon. Between 2006 and 2008, three SpaceX missions failed and the company reached the verge of closure. Finally, in September 2008, the company got its first success, when the first successful test of Falcon-1 took place. After that Elon Musk and his company went on hoisting the flags of success. In 2012, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft reached the space station for the first time. In 2016, the first successful test of reusable rocket took place, the technology which reduced the cost of space missions in one stroke. The debate that started SpaceX reached its peak 19 years later in 2020, when thanks to Musk, America again returned to the game of sending humans to space. For a long time, NASA was dependent on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft to transport astronauts. SpaceX ended this monopoly of Russia.

Colonizing Mars is yet to come

In this way, Elon Musk not only completed the revenge for the fight with the Russian scientist, but also the company’s first revolution in space technology. The objective was also fulfilled. Right now Elon Musk’s company is engaged in fulfilling the second objective with the help of Starship Spacecraft. Starship has been specifically designed to colonize Mars. It is the most powerful rocket and spacecraft in the world right now. This rocket is going to take humans to the moon for the first time after 1972. Musk dreams of a time when 1,000 Starship spacecraft will make regular flights between Earth and Mars.

The dream train

Elon Musk’s Space Dream is not limited to this. Starlink is another space venture of Elon Musk. Starlinks are small satellites that provide internet service from space. So far, about 4,500 Starlink satellites have been sent into space. These satellites are capable of providing high-speed internet from the height of Everest to the depth of the ocean. Sometime go to such a place at night, where there is no light pollution, then you can see the Starlink train passing in the sky. When you see that train with stars running in the sky, remember that the first step to make the impossible possible is to dream… to imagine. Elon Musk dreamed of turning movies into reality and now all those dreams seem to be coming true one by one.

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