DOMS IPO: Doms Industries' IPO created a stir before its launch, jumped 80 percent in gray market in 2 days

DOMS IPO: Doms Industries' IPO created a stir before its launch, jumped 80 percent in gray market in 2 days

DOMS Industries IPO: The IPO of Doms Industries has created a stir in the gray market even before its arrival. Its price has increased by more than 80 percent in the last 2 days. Along with this The chances of success of IPO of a company manufacturing stationery and art products have increased a lot. Looking at the trend of gray market, it is expected that investors are desperate to spend money on it. Where its price in the gray market was Rs 200 on December 4, now its rate has become Rs 360 on December 6. 

What is gray market&nbsp ;

Grey market is a kind of unofficial ecosystem. Here trading starts unofficially even before the listing day. Most investors keep an eye on the trading going on in the gray market. This gives an idea of ​​how much enthusiasm the market has regarding the IPO. The more bids received here, the more are the chances of the IPO being successful.

Doms is the second largest company in the segment.

The IPO of DOMS Industries, the country's second largest pencil and stationery items manufacturing company, will open on December 13 and will close on December 15. The company will raise Rs 1200 crore from this IPO, which it will spend in setting up its new plant. The company has purchased land for the plant.  

The company is running in profit 

Doms' revenue in the first half of the current financial year has been Rs 761.8 crore. The company has earned a net profit of Rs 70.63 crore during this period. In the last financial year 2022, the company's revenue was Rs 683.6 crore, which had increased rapidly to Rs 1212 crore by the end of FY 23. The net profit of the company was Rs 96 crore. Domes Industries will be the first company to launch an IPO in the stock market in the T+3 timeline. Italian company Fila, partner in Doms Industries, will collect Rs 800 crore through this IPO. Besides, the Indian promoters of the company will also sell their stake for Rs 400 crore. Even after the IPO, the stake of all the promoters including Phila in the company will remain 75 percent. 

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