CWC 2023: World Cup will greatly benefit the economy, Anil Kumble claims – these 3 sectors will become prosperous

CWC 2023: World Cup will greatly benefit the economy, Anil Kumble claims – these 3 sectors will become prosperous

The hangover of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is making everyone crazy. Many exciting matches have been seen so far during the World Cup. This time India is hosting the Cricket World Cup and is one of the strongest contenders. In such a situation, the enthusiasm of the audience as well as the market is at its peak. Many experts have expressed their opinion that organizing the Cricket World Cup is going to greatly benefit the country’s economy. Now former cricketer Anil Kumble has also expressed his views regarding this.

These industries will get direct benefits

The veteran former cricketer has written a post on LinkedIn. Wrote in the post on Friday, this mega event is not just about cricket. This provides support to many industries like travel and tourism, hospitality, advertising and merchandising. This generates huge earnings for many related industries and gives a boost to the overall economy. The former cricketer specifically mentioned three industries and told how the World Cup is going to prove beneficial for the economy.

Advertising: Anil Kumble described the Cricket World Cup as a gold mine for advertisers. He said that this event has given a golden opportunity to the brands to come in the eyes of crores of people simultaneously. The range of audiences is so diverse that any brand can find and target its customers among them. This year, TV and digital platforms are expected to earn Rs 2000-2200 crore revenue from advertising, which is 40 percent more than the last World Cup. ): Kumble says that by organizing the World Cup, the host country becomes a hub of various activities. During this period, the movement of people in hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions increases. During the 2015 World Cup, hotels in Australia and New Zealand recorded two million bed nights. 5 people each were sharing rooms of 2 people. During the 2019 World Cup, a 40 percent growth was recorded in the hospitality industry in England and Wales.

Tourism: During the World Cup, the host country has its own Get a chance to present attractive tourist destinations to audiences all over the world. In 2015, 1.45 lakh international tourists visited Australia and New Zealand. Cities like Melbourne, which hosted the 2015 World Cup final, saw a significant increase in tourism.

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