World Most Expensive Number Plate: The world’s most expensive number plate sold in billions, the buyer put this condition

Most Noble Number: Every vehicle has a number plate, which is used to identify a vehicle. In India, number plates are issued in vehicles under the RTO office, for which some rupees are charged. But have you heard that a number plate is sold in crores? Today we are going to tell about one such number plate, which has been sold for crores of rupees. 

Actually the Most Noble numbers were auctioned in Dubai, in which many numbers have been sold for millions of crores. P7 number plate has been sold for the highest price in this auction. Its price is such that even a flat worth billions can be bought in posh area of ​​Mumbai. 

At what price P7 number plate sold 

During the auction of Most Noble Numbers in Dubai, the number plate P7 of the car was sold for a record 5.5 crore dirhams or about Rs 1,22,61,44,700. Bidding for it started at 15 million dirhams in the auction held on Saturday night. In a few seconds, the bid crossed 30 million dirhams. However, this bid was stopped for some time after going to 35 million dirhams. After this the bid reached 55 million dirhams and this bid was made by the person of panel seven, who kept the condition of keeping the bid secret. There was enthusiasm among the people on every bid. 

These numbers also sold in crores 

According to the report of IANS, many other VIP number plates and phone numbers were also auctioned in this event held at Hotel Four Seasons in Jumeirah. About 100 million dirhams ($27 million) were raised from the auction, which will be given to feed people during Ramadan. The auction of car plates and exclusive mobile numbers fetched a total of 97.92 million dirhams. 

Who organized the auction 

The auction was organized by Emirates Auction, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority and telecommunications companies Etisalat and Du. P7 topped the list during this auction. Let us tell you that earlier in 2008, a businessman had bid for Abu Dhabi’s number 1 plate for 52.2 million dirhams.

To whom the bid money will be paid 

The entire money of this auction will be handed over to the ‘One Billion Meals’ campaign, which was established with the aim of combating global hunger. The proposal was made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, in the spirit of charity during Ramadan. 

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