Bill Gates: Bill Gates wants wealthy people to open their coffers, pay more taxes than others

Bill Gates: Bill Gates wants wealthy people to open their coffers, pay more taxes than others

Microsoft Founder: Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world, earned a lot of wealth throughout his life. After this, he established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife Melinda Gates and got involved in social work. Now he has said that the rich should pay more taxes. Microsoft founder Gates wonders why taxes on super rich people have not increased yet.

Ultra rich people should be taxed more

Bill Gates said in the World Economic Forum meeting held in Davos that rich countries should donate as much money as possible to emerging countries. This will help in reducing inequality in the world. A year ago, during an event on the Reddit platform, he had said that ultra-rich people should be charged more tax. According to Bloomberg Index, Bill Gates is also included in the list of top 5 rich people. He has assets worth 141 billion dollars. He said that rich countries, companies and individuals should show big heart. 

More than 250 ultra rich people demanded imposition of wealth tax

According to the report of Business Insider, more than 250 ultra rich people have demanded the imposition of wealth tax from the leaders around the world. This open letter has signatures of many people like Abigail Disney, actor Brian Cox. He said that even if higher taxes are imposed, there will be no difference in the lifestyle of our children. Nor will they fall into the category of the deprived. In this letter the issue of increasing economic inequality in the world was raised. It was also said that if this issue is not dealt with, it will create a terrible situation for the society.

Abigail Disney no longer uses private planes 

Abigail Disney said on this occasion that she used to use the family's Boeing plane to fly alone, which is wrong. Now she doesn't do this. This is also helping in saving the environment. He also appealed to the rich to make efforts to save the environment. He said that this one percent people are spending money on private jets, expensive cars, superyachts, helicopters and private space rockets. Apart from this letter, a report of many organizations including Oxfam was also released.

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