Aviation Sector: Airlines are superhit in domestic market and flop on international routes

Aviation Sector: Airlines are superhit in domestic market and flop on international routes

Aviation Sector Growth:There is immense potential in India's aviation sector. This is a fast growing sector, in which there is full scope to go further. New airports are being built in the country and old airports are being rejuvenated. The aviation companies operating in the country have made good progress. India ranks third in global domestic air traffic. But, Indian airlines have proved to be laggards on international routes. Here his rank is 18th. 

India is not even in the top-10 countries 

According to Kapi Kaul, Chief of CAPA India, India's domestic aviation sector is currently ranked third in the world. But, India is not even counted among the top-10 countries on international routes. His ranking is 18th. The aviation sector currently needs reforms so that it can do better on international routes. Besides, they will have to increase their capacity to connect more and more people with air travel. 

Per capita consumption of seats in India is very low 

He said that the per capita consumption of seats in India is only 0.13 and in international travel this figure reaches only 0.06. In Australia this figure is 3.11. India has become a 4 trillion dollar economy. Our next goal is to become a 5 trillion dollar economy. We should think about competing with America in the aviation sector. For this economic progress, it is very important to strengthen the aviation sector. 

Privatization of Air India is a historic decision 

Despite many challenges, the decision to hand over Air India to private hands two years ago was historic. This has given new wings to the domestic aviation sector. Also, this was a big improvement made in this sector. The next decade is full of possibilities for us. The aviation sector should gear up for this. 

Number of international passengers increased at Indian airports

According to statistics, the number of international passengers has increased at Indian airports. There has been a 10 percent increase in it in 2019 as compared to 2004. If the government strengthens regulatory bodies like DGCA and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the future will be very bright.

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