5% discount on buying a car from this new policy of the government, registration fee will also be waived

New Delhi
Maruti Suzuki and Toyota recently launched India’s first state of the art vehicle scrapping centre. Here the recycling and scraping of the vehicles will be done. An investment of 44 crores has been made in this center spread over 10,993 square meters. There is not much awareness among the people about the scrap policy of the government. To promote scrapping, the government has brought a new scrap policy. Let us know how this scrap policy can prove beneficial for you.

Policy for 10 year old diesel and 15 year old petrol car
Under this policy, there is a rule to scrap 10 year old diesel car and 15 year old petrol car. To insure a car, now its fitness test certificate will be necessary, that is, now all cars will be fitness tested every year. If your car fails this fitness test, only then can it be sent for scrap.

5% discount
If you buy a new car worth Rs 10 lakh by scrapping the car, then you will get a discount of 5% and not only this your registration fee will also be waved off. That is, a discount of 50 thousand rupees will be available on the ex-showroom price of the car and you can also save RTO fee of 1 lakh rupees through this policy. That is, you will get the benefit of Rs 1.50 lakh because in Delhi 10% RTO fee is levied on a car costing Rs 10 lakh or more.

From whichever scrapping center your car will be scrap, you are also given documents related to the scraping, which is called certificate of deposit. The certificate contains the details of your vehicle and the date on which it was scrapped. Auto companies will give a discount of up to 5% of the ex-showroom price while buying a new vehicle on this certificate. Apart from this, registration fee will also not be levied on the purchase of new vehicle.


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