Husband dismisses wife’s secret attempt to kill


  • Parineeta, who lives in Bopal area, has lodged a complaint against her own husband
  • The wife complained that her husband was physically and mentally abusing her
  • The husband attempted to kill his wife by secretly dismissing her

Ahmedabad: Disagreements and crime between husband and wife are on the rise these days. Cases of atrocities against women are increasing day by day. A similar case has come up from Bopal area. Here comes a husband’s brutality. The husband tied his wife to a chair and beat her. Not only that, he secretly stabbed his wife and then tried to kill her. After the wife lodged a complaint at the Bopal police station, the police rushed the accused husband and took further action.

According to the woman’s complaint lodged at the Bopal police station, her husband’s name is Lokendra Bhandari. Which operates spa centers in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. The wife alleges that her husband tortured her mentally and physically. The accused husband was having an affair with other girls of Lokendra. This was reported to the wife. After which there was a dispute between the two. After the dispute, the accused husband tied his wife to a chair. Not only that, the accused husband also stabbed his wife in the genitals. The talk did not stop there. He also tried to kill his wife.
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Eventually the bored wife lodged a complaint at the Bopal police station and the police rushed the accused husband Lokendra. Further investigation by the police revealed that the victim was married to Lokendra 16 years ago. He was in the spa business. He then came in contact with some young women. He later fell in love with some young women. This was reported to his wife. Not only that, the victim alleged that her husband was sending her photos of other women. He then sought the advice of his wife as to which of these young women was better. When the wife objected, there was a big quarrel between the two.
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The altercation culminated in an assassination attempt. Eventually the police rushed him. After which the accused husband also made some allegations against his wife. However, Bopal police rushed the accused husband and arranged for a medical checkup. Apart from this, the police have also initiated proceedings to gather scientific evidence against the accused. Police are also investigating the allegations made by his wife.

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