Telangana: Only allowed for TRS and BJP .. Why not for Congress: Rewanth Reddy Direct question

TPCC chief Rewanth Reddy and CLP leader Mallu Bhattivikrama said that the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had given up his inherited assets for the independence of the country and had spent ten years in jail. The birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Nehru, who is such a leader, is said to be a festival for the people of the country. Rewanth Reddy commented that those who have nothing to do with the independence of the country and those who are provoked by religions are being portrayed as patriots today. TRS and BJP said that permission would be given for dharnas .. but Congress party leaders questioned why they would not give permission for dharnas. They made it clear that they had not canceled the public awareness campaign but had just postponed it. Finally, Rewanth Reddy questioned whether the collectors were also acting as politicians .. whether the rules were for Congress leaders .. TRS and BJP leaders."TSRTC bumper offer for children, this one day only .. Sajjanar tweet" href ="" target ="_blank" rel ="noopener"> TSRTC bumper offer for children, this one day only .. Sajjanar tweet

Protest in front of Election Commissioner ..
& lsquo; Why Central and State Governments for not buying paddy Must vote. The Central (BJP) and State (TRS) governments have been acting irresponsibly in the purchase of paddy from farmers. Didn’t the state government spend Rs 10,000 crore to buy paddy? Governments have to buy every grain of grain with a special budget. Why CM KCR does not initiate on this issue in Delhi Jantar Mantar. The BJP should give permission to the TRS and why the Congress party is not giving dharnas. Rewant Reddy said the Congress leader would protest in front of the state election commissioner. Bhatti Vikramarka said. Everyone who loves the country should pay tribute to Nehru. Some politicians call those who have nothing to do with the freedom struggle for their selfishness freedom fighters. Such people should be considered traitors. The BJP government at the Center, which is selling off public sector companies horizontally, needs to be ousted. The review on the Huzurabad result was very meaningful. Any news that came on the Huzurabad review was also not true. Bhatti Vikramarka will reveal all the details after the meeting.
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